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Bay Freeze


Bay Freeze” is 18″ x 24″ / Acrylic / $225.

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“Bay Freeze” is 18″ x 24″ / Acrylic / $225.

The early morning view was calm, quiet, and peaceful – almost eerie.  The sky was holding onto its deep night colour, and yet the rising sun pushed its rays relentlessly through the dark blue, to show a sliver of red at the horizon.  Even the slightest rays of the sun cast a reflection on the frozen water. 
It was difficult to determine where the water and shore line met under the wind-blown snow in the foreground, but it was strikingly obvious where they met on the far shore.
The scene was beautiful to my eyes, but my ears were also engaged for the fact that there was absolutely no sound.  It was totally serene, and yet brilliant at the same time.  


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Weight2000 g
Dimensions46 x 62 x 4 cm


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