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The Story of Near Buy Art


We love this area and the art it inspires

Sunset in Stone by Bonnie Fox

Near Buy Art is a regionally-focused online market for art of all types in the South Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada. Our artists love the same things about here that you do, and that inspiration shines in every piece on our site. From landscape images of the Georgian Bay, to abstract art, and even images and books about far away places, there is something special about things made nearby. We can feel it and hope you do too as you browse for nearby art on Near Buy Art.


Making the online selling process easier for our local artists


camera with pencils and paintbrushesWe want to make it easy for artists to make their online images look good. We know selling art online can be a chore. Let’s face it, just getting a great photo of a work of art can be tricky. Because we focus on artists living in our region, we are able to offer art photo parties where artists come to a local location to have professional photos taken of their art. We also take measurements and gather details like price and description. We then upload the products and its details for the artists. So easy, and a lot of fun too!


JanThe power of collective marketing


“Together is a wonderful place to be.”


We believe in the power of collective marketing. When working with web design clients, Jan Ferrigan, founder of Near Buy Art, noticed that creative solo entrepreneurs, in particular, had difficulty investing the time and money it takes to draw local customers to their online presence.


Artists already use collective marketing effectively for the fantastic real life festivals, galleries and art shows we have in this area. We love going to those. It also makes sense to have a fun place where creatives and their products can be found together online. We genuinely love working with artists, seeing their work and sharing it with others. Our mission is to provide a fun, online local market for all the great things being made right here.


Real world meets digital world approach


We are an online market, but we love to get out into the real world. We meet our artists. We go to art events. We hold art events. We participate in fundraisers for local charities. And we are always looking for real world places to display our fabulous art. If you would like to meet us or discuss a partnership, give us a shout. We are online, but just down the road as well.





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